At-Tamimi International Islamic School Fees - 2015 to 2016

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*updated on 07th May 2015

Compulsory School Programme
School Stage Class School Level Age Annual Registration Deposit Events, activities & other services Monthly Fee
Kindergarten 8am to 1pm EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage 3 to 5 600 1400 1100 700
1pm to 4:15pm n/a n/a n/a 120
KS1 Yr1 to Yr2 Lower Primary 5 to 7 600 1860 1250 930
KS2 Yr3 to Yr6 Upper Primary 7 to 11 600 1960 1450 980
KS3 Yr7 & Yr9 Lower Secondary 11 to 14 600 2600 1750 1300
KS4 Yr10 Upper Secondary 14 to 16 600 2600 1750 1300
KS5 (from 2016) Yr12 to Yr13 Tertiary over 16 TBA TBA TBA TBA

Optional School Programmes

Programme Time Class Age Annual Registration Monthly Fee Transport
Tafidh Classes Mon-Thurs 4:15 - 5:15 Primary & Secondary Over 5 years old 10 50 n/a


2:20 - 4:50

Pre-School Kindergarten  25 50 20
Pri/Sec Yr1-Yr10 25 50 20


3:30 - 4:30

All class levels Pre-school, Primary & Secondary 95 55 Uniform

Compulsory School Programme


1) Monthly fees are paid for only 10 months in an academic year. August 2014 will be calculated on a pro-rated basis.

2) Events, activities and schools services are part of At-Tamimi's pupil-development-programme and are compulsory. Therefore the fees for this programme are NOT optional.

3) Fees for trips will be charged on a per trip basis.

4) Monthly fees include meals which are: Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Drinkable hot & cold water is readily available throughout the day for pupils.

5) Events, activities & other services include but are not limited to: Entertaining special guest speakers, hospital visits, Sports Day, Camps, Labs (Science, Computers', Art & Library), Musollah, Special Events, Ihtifal, Maintenance & Facilities.


6) Where more than one sibling is registered, all the siblings will enjoy a 10% discount each on the monthly fees only.

7) Where the monthly fees are paid ALL in advance, the registration fee will be waived.

8) If you reregister before July 1st, the reregistration fee will be reduced to RM300 per month.

Optional School Programmes


7) Fees for all optional programmes are paid in advance.

8) All optional programmes are non-compulsory to join but pupils are reminded that once committed to a programme, they must maintain good performance and attendance.


9) All fees listed exclude any external examination fees. These will be made known once available by the external bodies.

10) Fees outstanding for 2 months may lead to a pupil being suspended and the deposit used as payment. Registration would be required thereafter with a possibility of no discounts.

Early Termination

11) Two (2) months notice is required before withdrawal from the school or any programmes during term time otherwise the deposit will be forfeited.

12) Where a leaving certificate is required due to early withdrawal, a 10% charge on the Annual Registration will be levied after all payments have been made.

Visa Requirements

13) Each application per individual/family will carry a service fee of RM600 AND  will be charged exclusive of any fees by the Immigration Department or the Selangor Religious Department. Application for visas are not guaranteed to be granted but every effort will be pursued to apply for one.

Payment Methods

14) Cash, Credit Card or Cheque (payable to At-Tamimi International Islamic School SDN. BHD)

(All fees quoted are subject to change without prior notice)

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