Pupils are assessed through active engagement by the teacher to the pupil throughout every lesson. From Q&A sessions, activities and written skill building exercises, assessments can be made to give a record of progression made by each individual pupil.

Daily Assessments

  • At the beginning of lessons, checks are made with either homework completed or prior knowledge questioned that leads to the lesson of the day.
  • During the theory part of the lesson, Q&A sessions show how well pupils take on new information and what they understand from it.
  • Lessons can contain practicals, activities or classwork skill building exercises. During this time pupils are checked for how well they apply the theory in various practical ways.
  • A wrap up at the end of the lesson identifies pupils ability to show understanding in explaining what they have learnt for that lesson.

Periodic Assessments

  • Pupils may experience a pop quiz at anytime. This gives the opportunity to show how well they retain information and to display what they have learnt up until that point.
  • Near the end of each term, pupils go through topical assessments. Pupils will go through one or two topics each term and are expected to complete a written assessment which may include a practical, oral or mental assessment. With two terms per semester and three semesters per year, pupils are expected to complete five topical assessments yearly. (The end of the last term is used for end of year examinations.)
  • At the end of each academic year, pupils will carry out an assessment on what they have learnt for the whole year for most of the academic subjects with a mixture of written, practical, oral and mental assessments. Other subjects will be assessed through an assignment or project which includes both individual and group work.

Progression Reporting

At the end of each term, progression report cards are produced to show progression of learning. Parents are invited to school on a Saturday morning at the end of the first week of the following term. Each progression report card details out the following:-

    • Topic areas covered for each subject;
    • The average of any quizzes taken (marks out of 10);
    • The percentage obtained through a topical assessment;
    • The level of attitude during lessons;
    • The level of understanding achieved for the topics stated;
    • Overall grading which is based on ALL of the above and not just the topical assessment percentage;
    • Remarks by the subject teacher about the pupil's ability with the subject and
    • Remarks about any Extra or Co-Curricular activities undertaken.

Homework and Daily Communication Reporting

Each pupil has a Homework & Daily Communication Diary. Any homework tasks, assignments or projects are noted in this green diary on a daily basis. There is a section beside each homework given to show when the homework has to be handed in by. Teachers will place their initials next to any homework assigned. Parents are then requested to put their initial to show they have seen what homework was given to their child(ren). The lower half of each daily reporting page is a section for parents to leave comments or queries. A similar section is for teachers to place notes to parents.

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